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2008: 參加Google舉辦的Android Development Challenge 獲獎,我們希望創造對社會有益的創新軟體與服務,同時也對產業經濟產生助益。B4E's vision is to create the value for everyone and the society. If you have any question, We can be reached at Android.B4E@gmail.com

2011年10月14日 星期五

Survey for the NPO ad on the Android phone

Dear Android Developers,

We are the B4E team. Our Google ADC1 project had a feature for promoting nonprofit organizations (NPOs). For more details, please read this blog post:

We did not run the promoting-NPO project right after ADC1 because we feel that the circumstance was not matured yet in 2008. As of now Android is a big success of the mobile industry, we believe this project can help the world.

We are evaluating the possibility of collecting apps to donate some of their admob house-ad to NPOs. The targeted NPOs include but are not limited to environment protection, animals, education, poverty, youth, arts, and food.

Consider a simplified case: If there are 1000 apps donate 5% of their admob house-ad to NPOs and each app has 1,000,000 pageviews per month, then we could generate 1000*1,000,000*5% = 50,000,000 pageviews for NPOs. Wouldn’t it be great that app developers may help the world?

If you are interested in this project, please let us know. Or fill in the form below:


We are gathering feedbacks from app developers and NPOs to see if this project is possible and is actually helping NPOs. If we decide to run this project, we will let the participants know.

Thank you very much!!